About the Island

Guernsey covers approximately 24 square miles and is located in the Gulf of St Malo, 60 miles south west of Britain and about 30 miles west of Northern France. It has a population of just over 60,000 people.

English speaking, with a centuries-old tradition of political stability and good governance, Guernsey is in the same time zone as London and frequent air links to London and other United Kingdom airports permit one-day business trips. But for those wishing to stay longer, a wide range of top quality hotels and restaurants is available to meet all the needs of the business traveller.

Guernsey’s currency is sterling, and whilst Bank of England notes and coins circulate, the Island demonstrates its independence from Britain by issuing its own coins and banknotes.

The Island combines a unique mix of simplicity and sophistication where a leading 21st century global finance industry sits easily alongside crab pots, traditional beach kiosks and roadside vegetable stalls.

We will be taking every step possible to ensure that Guernsey is well placed to take advantage of the opportunities that the changing world presents to it in the future. – Lyndon Trott, States Member and Former Guernsey Chief Minister

For more information about the Island, use these following links:

Guernsey Enterprise Agency – A website with all the information you need about setting up in Business on Guernsey

Guernsey Financial Services Commission – information on licensed fiduciaries as well as interesting statisitcis on the Finance industry.

States of Guernsey – includes useful economic statistics, taxation information and property/housing laws

Guernsey Finance – a website publicising the attractiveness of Guernsey as a financial centre of excellence.