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07 September 2022

There’s no Net Zero without SMEs

Accountants like dealing in facts – taxes, income statements, budgeting, they’re all based on factual inputs, and from that accountants come out with a story. 

For some reason though, many people are still disputing the “facts” about Climate change and the race to net zero. 

Here at Lince Salisbury we believe net zero will happen – it's just how much is achieved by society, and how much is forced upon us through a change in the environment we live in. 

We think Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) can play a huge part in helping the UK hit its ambitions of being net zero by 2050. The reason we want to achieve this goal? Well it means the climate won’t have to change too drastically. Without these changes, the next generation will have to deal with a new way of living. 

So what can you do? We think you, and your SME can take action today. By understanding your company’s carbon footprint, you can then make decisions based on facts – just like you do in respect of your taxes or buying a new company van. 

Even better, working with other SMEs in your local community and in your supply chain can help increase the pace of change.  

Climate change is real, and large companies are already having to report under the law about the actions they are taking to mitigate their exposure. It is probable that smaller companies will have to follow suit, and so we recommend starting that journey now. 

Identifying your company’s carbon emissions is the first step to achieving a net zero future. There are plenty of systems that can help you measure this, but then it’s up to you to take action – the bigger the ambition the bigger the success.

We can help you follow a simple stepped process to identify, monitor, measure, and reduce your company’s emissions. Based on the learning we have from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership, we’ve used our process on our own company to plot our pathway to net zero by 2030.  

Get in touch to see how we can help you and your business do the same. 

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