Experience and analysis

At Lince Salisbury, we believe truly valuable advice comes from two areas: experience or analysis.

We have experience in helping clients identify their goals, measure progress and achieve results. We are honest, responsive and agile in our approach, knowing that one size fits all targets is not appropriate for the businesses and people we work with.

Our experiences have enabled us to develop a clear process to follow to help our clients map out their future and start the journey to their new goals by taking action.

We use the latest technology to enable deep focus on analytical analysis. But more importantly our experts are by your side to translate that analysis into information that you can understand and use. We can tailor our approach to suit your needs, but most of the times our advisory services start with largely the same process; a clear analysis of what you want to achieve.

It can be confusing knowing precisely what advisory services are, so these are the types of services we deliver to help our clients:

  • Cashflow forecasting – through periods of crisis or periods of growth

  • Investment appraisals – identifying and recommending the options

  • Business improvement services – helping clients improve their business performance by reviewing systems and processes

  • Funding documents – provision of documents to aide funding requests from private or public providers

  • Memoranda of information – compilation of documents to assist business transactions (vendor or purchaser side)

  • Cloud accounting software and app stack appraisal – working with out IT partners, we can appraise the benefits of using particular cloud accounting software, together with integrated business applications, often described as an “app stack”.