Audit and assurance

Complete compliance

We offer audit and assurance services to both regulated and non-regulated businesses in Guernsey.

We currently have a large number of audit engagements covering a number of sectors:

  • GFSC regulated fiduciary businesses, operating under the Fiduciary Guernsey Law, with turnover from anything between £500,000 to £10,000,000.

  • GFSC regulated Captive Insurance businesses, across a number of Guernsey based insurance managers.

  • Property and investment holding companies that often require audits or assurance reports for borrowing covenants and/or shareholder requests.

  • States of Guernsey and local parish audits and assurance reports

  • Charities

  • Employment trusts

Our robust, risk driven audit approach ensures companies meet all regulatory and legal requirements for Guernsey businesses that require an audit under both UK GAAP and IFRS.

In addition, our association with BKR allows us to provide international audit services, assurance reports or agreed upon procedures.