Corporate Finance

Accurate, auditable, advice.

Lince Salisbury can provide support to clients on many aspects of corporate transactions, from planning for exit, to due diligence analysis through to completion.

We have strong relationships with banking, legal and HR professionals in Guernsey and the UK which enables us to guide our clients through any eventuality, however one-off or complicated it may appear.

Raising Finance

We can assist in producing the relevant financial information to present to potential investors. We have access to a network of funders, meaning we’re confident we can identify and achieve the most appropriate funding for your needs.

It doesn’t just stop at funding; we can work with you after the funding round to ensure all covenants are clearly met, with accurate financial reporting and benchmarking as required.

Selling your business

There are a multitude of reasons for selling your business. You may wish to pursue new adventures, are planning succession or retirement, or want to seize an opportunity that has presented itself. Lince Salisbury provides a rigorous, procedure-based process to help you develop and investigate all of your options to achieve the outcome that best suits you.

We first understand your goals and objectives, which can include staying involved in the business, or making a clean break, as these will drive the outcome that you desire. Our focus always remains on your future, and how we can help grow it.

Financial due diligence

Any business transaction should have strong analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the deal. Lince Salisbury provide a clear, understandable due diligence analysis of your target, delivered on time with focus on the outcomes you want to achieve.

Our professional skepticism and experience from auditing means we can identify key risks and uncover critical issues, bringing them to your attention before a transaction is complete. We ask key questions at every engagement:

  • What are the deal breakers?

  • What are the target’s results?

  • Does the acquisition fit?

  • Are there any unintended consequences?

  • Are there any hidden liabilities (financial and non-financial)?

We also provide the similar services from a seller’s perspective, to ensure you are well prepared for those difficult questions a buyer may have.